• Direction of the stratum corneum – The stratum corneum of each hair is arranged in a square in the same direction.
• No tangles – Since the stratum corneum is square in one direction, the hair does not become tangled and is more durable than other hair on the market. ,
• No shedding – Special stitching secures the bass and prevents it from falling out.

What is the Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is the purest natural hair used by some hair stylists. It is not chemically treated, so it maintains a natural rebound and volume. When chemically treated, it peels off the stratum corneum and is therefore no longer the original hair. Most of the hair that is currently on the market is not pure Remy hair.

What is the Human hair?

The cut hair, keeping the roots arranged, must be along the highest point of the bundle. In the entire export method, the square dimensions of these bundles are strictly preserved and the mill remains intact.

What is the Non-Remi hair?

Hair without roots. It may be collected from the ground, or there may be another reason why they cannot keep the roots in the same direction.

How much hair do I need?

It all depends on your plan. For some fabrics, you usually want any of the two bundles.

For normal full head weaving, you may need at least three strands of hair. Longer, fuller designs usually require extra hair. For people who want to look fuller, or who have a hair length of 22 inches or longer, they must consider buying from anywhere, from 3 to 4 bundles. Many of our customers purchase natural delaminations of completely different lengths (eg 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches).

What do you think of the virgin Remy's hair?

Because this may be 100% of the person’s hair, you will take care of this hair even if you have your own horror. Regular cleaning and maintenance. You can blow dry, but we tend to advocate drying your hair by sitting under a hair dryer or once it’s feasible. Here you can give a hint, if you curl your hair without fever, you can trim your hair in the middle of the night, you must put it into a special scarf or some kind of hat, so you can curl all day.

Should I trim or cut my virgin Remy hair?

Very sure. Remember this can be natural hair, so it requires an equal attention and care, you just need to provide your own. Your own natural hair must be cut and cleaned, it flows the way you like it… so Mary Remy hair needs an equal attention. We advocate trimming and improving your ends during the initial installation of your braid or extension. This will make your hair flow beautifully! As a way of haircut, no doubt, this is another option for you, relying on your fashion, however we tend to persevere forever, every vimagehairs consumer, make your hair, frame your face through the frame And find a pattern that matches you.

How can I usually wash my virgin Remy hair?

Wash it usually as you like and condition once it is feasible, remember that this hair is very strong and sturdy. Take care to focus on the natural hair below to ensure proper drying and mold.

How long can this hair stay?

With the right care, this hair can last until you choose to be ready to hit new hair.

Can I color my current hair and add highlights?

Correct. You will be able to color your hair or highlight your hair with any permanent color tool, which is the most beautiful.